Acius (pronounced ā-sē-ŭs) is an American progressive metal band from Madison, Connecticut.  The band was originally conjured by drummer DJ Middleton and guitarist Daryl Baker in 2012 as a project, and later they recruited bassist Collin Brady, guitarist Michael Antoch, and vocalist Justin Hagen.  They began creating what would be their first EP which was released in 2014 (featuring Justin Hagen).  Acius would find themselves with a new lineup in early 2016 with the addition of vocalist Pete Cohen, who had been behind the scenes from the beginning, working on graphic design and recording the band at his own Red Dragon Productions.

The name Acius was derived from the latin word acies, which means “the full attention of one’s hearing, sight or other senses, as directed towards a particular event or object”.  Unknowingly to the group, the name would become quite fitting as the music they produce can cover a large spectrum of soundscapes that command the attention of their listeners.  Whether it is punishing rhythms, soaring melodies, or odd-time passages, Acius keeps listeners engaged and guessing with their approach to modern progressive music.  

The group started with humble beginnings, playing small local venues in the Connecticut metal circuit.  In 2014, Acius won Break Thru Music’s “Battle for Metal Fest”.  They had earned a coveted spot on Worcester’s Palladium mainstage for the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival which featured Unearth, Nile, Battlecross, Texas in July, and more.  In 2015 the band opened for a date of Headbang for the Highway’s Alumni Tour, which earned them a spot on the mainstage at The Palladium for The Summer Slaughter Tour where they played with Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, Arch Enemy, Acacia Strain, Cattle Decapitation, and Beyond Creation.  

2016 has seen a surge of activity from the band.  Playing the northeast on their first tour, Acius began to gain more attention as a regional act.  They would also find themselves sharing the stage with Born of Osiris, After the Burial, Upon a Burning Body, Erra, and Bad Omens for the Sumerian 10 Year Tour’s date in Hartford, Connecticut at the Webster Theatre.  After releasing their single “Sojourn”, Acius kept pushing for shows and was invited back to open for The Summer Slaughter Tour’s Worcester date which featured After the Burial, Currents, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Revocation, Carnifex, Suffocation, and more.

Acius is currently working on a full length album featuring a more progressive and cohesive sound than their EP.  “Sojourn” is the first single release that will be featured on the new album which has yet to be named.